I am participating in the #DearMe campaign for International Women’s Day. I love this idea and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve just been waiting for the right opportunity to do something like this. I am addressing this letter to my 15 year-old self, during that certain period when everything just sucked for me. Dear 15 year-old Claudine, Surprise! I know you won’t believe this because you’re just not the type to fall for such things, but I am the future Claudine, and I am here to congratulate you in advance for surviving your treacherous teenage years. “What surviving? I am literally dying out here!” Oh dear, I know life sucks for you right now, but everything will get better, I[…]

Wow, I can’t believe that I just hit my 10th(!) blogging anniversary (yes, I do keep track of those things) two days ago. It seems like yesterday when I started my first personal blog, and here I am now on a different platform with my own domain name, but still blogging! And in those years of blogging, I’ve used a lot of different devices, but I think I’ve found my favorite blogging devices to date. All of this happened because after upgrading my 2009 Macbook’s OS to Yosemite, it became super slow that it’s almost unusable. Some people said that upgrading the RAM would work, but for now I’m still too lazy to try that, and I sure can’t afford[…]

(Disclaimer: I am no longer a practicing Catholic; therefore, I no longer embrace the Catholic Church’s teachings and am currently studying with another religion. However, my parents are both devout Catholics.) Today is Pope Francis’ last day in the Philippines and I am writing this entry to reflect on his visit and how some people unfortunately misbehaved on the WWW during his stay. Out of all the popes that I have known or read about, Pope Francis struck me the most from the start of his term. Even if I am no longer a practicing Catholic, I greatly admire Pope Francis because of the way he teaches and how inclusive his teachings are to everyone. I also like how he[…]

It’s my second month in my job and I’m enjoying myself so far. I have learned lots of things and made lots of new friends as well, and that’s a good thing. Speaking of friends, I do not go out with my corporate induction batchmates anymore because I feel like they’re too outgoing that I just can’t keep up. Well, I am not aloof, and I am certainly not a snob. It’s just that they’re extroverts, and they never seem to get tired of partying. I mean, I like going out with friends too, but I am picky with the people I want to go with or the activities that we’re going to do; so if I go with certain[…]

It’s so amazing how my last day as a teenager was spent finishing papers and other boring schoolwork, then my first day as a 20 year-old was spent walking on the streets of an unfamiliar country. To most people, that statement might seem like I just spent my birthday going on a holiday. Nothing special. But as I was writing that status, it got me thinking. No, not about schoolwork. Not about the things I left behind in the Philippines during my absence. I just got to think about myself. About my life. About how so many things have changed. And it’s fascinating how that one statement has described the drastic changes I’ve experienced for the past twenty years. One[…]

Is it a bad thing to be honest and true? Do you know the feeling where the things you do are very different from what others are doing? But you know you’re doing the right thing, no matter how different you might be. Everyone tells you to throw away all your beliefs and convictions because it doesn’t pay to be honest. It doesn’t pay to be a good person. How can you truly say that you have succeeded in school, or in life as a whole? Are your grades the only determinants of your worth as a person? I do admit that grades are everything. Grades will determine other people’s first impression of you. But is that all? Is getting[…]

I’m not the type of person who tells other people her concerns. I mean, I do share some things with other people, but I mostly share my joys and not my problems. It’s because I believe that I should find all the anwers and solutions on my own. Besides, the world doesn’t give a damn whether I’m sad or troubled, everyone goes on with their lives. So why should I bother them with my problems? I’ve always thought that way… Until this term, that is. As I was walking towards my seat one afternoon, the first thing my classmates asked me was, “Claudine, are you okay?” Damn, until now, I still couldn’t explain how wonderful that feeling was. It was[…]

Would you believe that I just got introduced to the wonderful series that is How I Met Your Mother? Hahaha! My boyfriend is a BIG, BIG FAN of the show and since he always talks about it, I got curious too (well, I also wanted to be able to relate to his stories and references to certain characters and events). So during our term break, we celebrated our anniversary by having a marathon of the show. I really like it! I love the characters and Ted’s crazy attempts to look for a girlfriend are just too funny. Now I can’t wait to watch more of the show. Lots of people in school watch lots of TV series and now I[…]

I am currently taking a break from studying and I’m glad that I can blog during my free time. Anyway, I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my life recently. I’m usually adaptive, but some are really big changes and I don’t know how to respond to them! Change #1: I can eat chocolates again!!! Well, 4 years ago, my cardiologist told me that I am not allowed to eat chocolate. I really, really loved them but it was okay with me since it was for my own health anyway. I craved for them once in a while, but I never ate them (oh, I’m such a good girl lol). But then this month, I went to the Philippine Heart[…]

I never really realized that this year was a leap year until yesterday. And since I had an extra day in my hands, I thought that I should use it in something worthwhile since it only comes once a year. And I’m glad I got to spend it in a fun way instead of just sleeping the day away (which is usually what I do, haha)! 🙂 Well, the only plan for that day was to accompany my friend to my dad’s office because she had to interview my dad for her writing class. So I went with her there. It was funny when we were on the way to the office because my mom’s car broke down and it[…]