If July dragged on for a long time, August passed me by like a flash of lightning. I was busy with a steady stream of projects both at work and at home, I don’t even remember most of what happened!

But okay, I’ll do my best to recall what I can πŸ˜†


  • Finished the urgent project that was assigned to me last month! I’ll be honest, there were times when I wasn’t sure I would meet the deadline, but I pulled through and even finished ahead of the deadline! πŸ’ͺ🏼
  • It’s official: I’ve been regularized! I can finally enjoy the full benefits of my employment (and I finally have paid vacation leaves!)
  • My teammates and I spent a whole day for team building, sponsored by the company of course! XD It was fun getting together with everyone and actually talking with them for a change! Our office is too quiet so it’s pretty awkward to talk while working…
  • And it looks like we had too much fun spending time with each other that we went on a sleepover at one of my teammates’ house! Oh, and I realized that living in the South isn’t so bad after all 🌳 Is it time for me to leave Metro Manila? LOL!


  • Went on my first-ever speaking engagement for the Taiwan Scholars Orientation! I’ve talked about this before in my previous entry but yes, I’ll say it anyway: I’m still so proud of myself for actually doing that speech! I love sharing my experiences as a scholar in Taiwan and I’m glad that I was given an opportunity to reach out to more people through this public speaking gig. I thought it would be nerve-wracking but I actually found it quite enjoyable once I was there.
  • Finally finished my KonMari project! I actually took the whole week off just to do this and it was immensely liberating. Clearing through my pile of komono clutter in just two days is quite an achievement! Maybe I’ll blog about this sometime πŸ˜‰
  • I got a new TV and moved my desktop computer and home consoles upstairs to make my room purely for sleep and relaxation. By doing so, I inadvertently revived our home’s former upstairs entertainment room! No one ever goes there anymore and it has become a stockroom of sorts, but the room is now seeing some activity because the computers and games are back! Now we just have to fix it up and get rid of the clutter, but it’s THEIR stuff so I won’t mess with those.

August favorites

  • PlayStation Vita – Okay, I simply asked my friend whether the PS Vita was a good handheld console, and the next thing I knew I was holding HIS old PS Vita in my hands. XD Yep, he gave me his old Vita since he wasn’t using it anymore… and I’m having lots of fun with it, especially now that I’m playing Persona 4 Golden! I love home consoles but I’m really more of a handheld gamer.
  • Hello, Love, Goodbye – I watched this film on the very last day of August and OH MY GOODNESS. SO. MUCH. FEELS.Β The teaser and trailer I initially saw piqued my interest, but after watching the film I realized that no amount of teasers or trailers can fully give justice to the story. It’s such a beautiful love story (and one that hits so close to home because of its premise), but more than that, it also offers a great perspective on the struggles that overseas Filipinos face as they try to support their families, build relationships, and chase their dreams at the same time. Highly recommended!
  • Yoga – I recently started yoga because I’ve been noticing so much stiffness and tension in my body, most of which is stress-induced. I’m not good at it AT ALL but the practice calms me down and helps me sleep better.

September: Things I’m looking forward to

  • J and I will be celebrating our 8th year as a couple! Time flies!
  • I’m going to Corregidor for the first time!
  • I will FINALLY start driving by myself to work since I’ve already decided to rent a parking space near my office. Let’s get rid of this driving anxiety!
I’m not looking forward to the early morning traffic though!

So I just realized that I don’t have a lot of photos for this month! Strange! Haha! πŸ˜‚

Oh well, I hope you had a great August and I hope September goes well for you guys ❀️

10 thoughts on “August 2019: Highlights

  1. Megan says:

    Congrats on the job stuff! =3

    Also please do blog about your KonMari project! I’d love to hear about it!

    1. Claudine says:

      Thanks Megan!

      Things have been busy so I haven’t had the time to write, but I’d love to blog about my KonMari project! 😊 Soon, I hope!

  2. Kai says:

    It is always a good start when you have finally left your anxieties! Hahaha. Congratulations on your regularization + paid leaves! Unfortunately, our paid leave starts from the year we got regularized, I don’t know why. Life has been good with you! Enjoy πŸ™‚

    1. Claudine says:

      Haha thanks Kai! ☺️

  3. Jean says:

    Claudine! Hi!!
    A lot happened a! Congrats on being a regular employee!!!! <3 <3 Lot of achievements din for you congrats. I can't throw away some of my things at my room, I still need permission from my parents LOL but I only clean my room once a week and it's a mess once weekdays come lol.
    Congrats on 8 years with your boyfriend!! <3 I watched Hello, Love Goodbye Din ang ganda no! <3 Ang gwapo lalo ni Alden hahaha

    https://personal.jeanmichelle.media | Personal and Lifestyle Blog
    https://jeanmichelle.media | Art and Design Blog

    1. Claudine says:

      Thanks Jean! Haha! 😊

      OMG yes I loved Hello, Love, Goodbye! Alden is one of my favorite Filipino actors 😍

  4. Michelle says:

    Yes! That all sounds awesome for the job stuff and even the personal stuff. Nothing is worse than anxieties about anything especially with work and whatnot.

    1. Claudine says:

      Anxiety is the worst! But I’m slowly overcoming it which is awesome! I hope things get better from here on out 😊

  5. Mai says:

    Congrats on being regularlized and also on your 8 year anniversary! I have been KonMari-ing here and there, but I really need to take some time to do a huge KonMari overhaul.

    ✰ maidoesthings.com

    1. Claudine says:

      Thanks Mai! πŸ™‚

      Yeah, IMO it’s better to declutter all at once than to do it in bits. πŸ˜‰

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