May was… a blur. Everything felt so fast, but only because I was busy with so many things that I didn’t even notice that it’s already June (hence the late entry).

Well, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet.


  • One of my co-workers (who happens to be my mentor in my current sector) has left the company, which meant more responsibilities on my part since I was the one who took over some of her tasks.
  • Finished working on our current priority task ahead of schedule…
  • …which enabled me to help out with other projects and increase my visibility within the team.
  • Participated in my first sector meeting without my mentor, which was super nerve-wracking! It didn’t help that I needed to talk about the project I was working on, but luckily they were pretty receptive and non-judgmental.


  • Had a mini-reunion with my cousins after 2 years of not seeing each other ❤️

  • Passed the Civil Service Exam ⭐️
  • Permed my hair… again! I’m so tired of straight hair haha XD
I missed this!
  • Officially recovered from vocal nodules, as confirmed by my ENT 👍🏻

May Favourites1

  • Archie Unlimited – it’s kind of like Netflix but for the Archie Comics digital library, comprising of comics from 1940s to the present. This is definitely the best way for me to [re-]read comics without sacrificing valuable storage space2
  • Detective Pikachu – watched this with J and felt my inner child explode with happiness 😍
  • CargoFish – a fish and chips place3 in Bonifacio Global City, near the British School. I like their Ortigas branch better though!

June: Things I’m looking forward to

  • My London trip!!! 🇬🇧
  • Seeing Westlife again after 7(!) years ❤️
  • Donating all my KonMari’d books to a local public school 😊
  1. We need to use British English for work. I must have taken things too seriously during training, because I’m finding that I now write using the British way of spelling even outside work! I am so confused XD
  2. My sister already gave away most of my comic book collection, majority of which is comprised of old Archie Comics. Although comics still spark joy in me, I don’t intend to repurchase the issues that were given away, nor do I want to restart my collection. I’ve found that I don’t necessarily need to have the physical comic in my hand in order to enjoy reading. But more on that later.
  3. My mom craved for fish and chips last Mother’s Day, which explains how I ended up knowing about this place.

8 thoughts on “May 2019: Highlights

  1. stevevhan says:

    Lol, the gag you gave me when about the Brit spelling, i feel you. Way back in my corp days, we speak English and even outside we got the culture. XD Good luck on your London trip!

    1. Claudine says:

      LOL I’m actually quite confused now coz people think I’m weird when I spell words with the extra u or s instead of a z! But to be fair, I don’t even know that I’m doing it until someone points it out XD

  2. Nancy says:

    Hope your work load won’t be too overwhelming. Sometimes, we need that extra push to grow a bit more. Even though your mentor wasn’t there, you still pushed through. It is good that you have a supportive audience. Congratulations on passing your civil service exam! It is so cool that you’re going to visit London! Hope you’ll have fun out there!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Claudine says:

      Thanks Nancy! My mentor was nice enough to finish everything up before she left, so she didn’t leave a huge pile of workload for me to finish, thank goodness! XD

  3. Sakura says:

    Yay for a productive month! London sounds fun. I will look forward to your post on your London trip!

    1. Claudine says:

      Thanks! I’ll definitely write about my London trip soon 😊

  4. Ashley says:

    Yeah, June came way too fast for me too. May kind of sucked.
    It sucks when a coworker leaves like that. My coworker kind of got the boot during a really busy time. My bosses had to call me and tell me to try not to freak out. I was just like, whatever, I’m one person I will do what I can. XD

    I love the perm, it looks very good on you!

    1. Claudine says:

      Haha right, that was my initial reaction too! Everyone was so worried if I’m gonna be okay, I think that’s what made me more nervous than the workload itself but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do XD

      Thanks a lot! I love my hair when it’s permed too ❤️

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