It’s my second month in my job and I’m enjoying myself so far. I have learned lots of things and made lots of new friends as well, and that’s a good thing.

Speaking of friends, I do not go out with my corporate induction batchmates anymore because I feel like they’re too outgoing that I just can’t keep up. Well, I am not aloof, and I am certainly not a snob. It’s just that they’re extroverts, and they never seem to get tired of partying. I mean, I like going out with friends too, but I am picky with the people I want to go with or the activities that we’re going to do; so if I go with certain people it means that I really, really like hanging out with them. Anyway, they go out and drink almost every day after their shifts, not to mention goimg on those monthly out-of-town trips. Although I appreciate it when they invite me, I feel like I’m just not cut out for their party lifestyle. I am not very fond of places where we can’t hear each other because of the loud music, nor do I like the feeling of a hangover. I also don’t like getting drunk and going wild with people I don’t know well, and I feel so drained after one night of partying (even without alcohol) that I feel like I have to sleep the next weekend away to regain my energy.

So what do I like doing? Well, when I go out with friends, we do the same old “quiet” stuff: We eat out, we have long talks about how we’ve been doing, sing karaoke, and drive from the city to wherever province the car can take us. If I’m alone on a weekend, it’s so much simpler: I read, play video games, watch some basketball, and hang out with my pets. They say I’m boring because I spend my weekends like this, but I would rather keep my mind calm and relaxed after a long week at work. I know people of their type feel more rejuvenated when they go out and socialize with people, but I’d rather spend a quiet night by myself or with my closest friends. Oh well, we all have our ways of coping with the stress of everyday work.

6 thoughts on “Why I don’t party

  1. Michelle says:

    True we all do, but I too, am outgoing to a point, then I don’t do anything except hang with good friends, and play video games with them. It’s relaxing and amazing at the same time, too. Don’t ever feel shame because of what you do. You’re amazing girl!

  2. Annabelle says:

    I’m exactly the same – my housemates are almost always up for a good night out clubbing, and as much as I like going out, the frequency of which they do it is daunting to me. After a friday night out I like to kind of hide away in my nest on the web or on my DS. I hate having to make the excuse of ‘oh, I’ve no money to go out tonight guys’ because ‘no’ means I get the response of ‘oh you’re boring, you haven’t been out in ages!’ :/

  3. Xian Ico says:

    Well, it’s okay to have fun specially after work and weekends are next 😀 Well, how do you call this, it’s normal for working people 😀 HAHAHAHA! I do the same thing as them but not like everyday. I know my limit~ Shush! When I just feel like going out too but out of towns are exceptional. I love going to far away places 😀 of course we have to consider companions and money. But don’t be like avoiding them all the time 🙂 it’s okay if you can’t go 🙂 you’ll get used to it 😀 You’re still on your second month 😀 got a lot of way to go 😀 Good luck! 8D

  4. Sakura says:

    Hi. How have you been?

  5. Jean says:

    I can relate to this post. I get where you are coming from :)).Most of the times, I prefer staying inside my room too and doing random stuff. I dislike small talks, I prefer deep talks. (lol so serious) For me, spending time with my closest friends are where I can say the word “fun”.I am a type of girl who seeks meaning in every conversation so dont mind them because, it is the way you are, you gotta embrace it 😉 .Btw, yes im from csb haha hello there fellow la sallian blogger <3

  6. patteh says:

    Hey man, Patty here :3 its been a while haha.. I can TOTALLY relate to this post. Sometimes I honestly feel bad about myself coz I spend free days in a “boring” way. I’m glad to know that there are people that enjoy relaxed, quiet time as much as I do.

    And, this also made me realize why we’re good friends!! Even from our kiddy days xD We just… like doing stuff this way..

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