New pets!

I haven’t been posting much during the past month. Everything’s so busy now that it’s my last term in university. There’s always lots of schoolwork and meetings that I’m always drained every single day. I really can’t wait to graduate!

Anyway, another thing has been keeping me busy lately. I just got new pets!


Unlike most people who get dogs and cats as pets, I went for two lovely Abyssinian guinea pigs! These little girls are Freya and Ellie, and I love them to bits! They’ve been with us for one month and we couldn’t be happier.

At first, the girls were kept in my room because no one was really keen on taking care of guinea pigs. We already have a dog, and if we were going to keep another pet, everyone in the family would go for another dog. But I don’t like dogs a lot (big dogs are okay, but they want small dogs so never mind), and if I were to keep a “conventional” pet I would definitely consider a cat instead. Anyway, my mom was thinking that it’s just another phase for me, that I would get tired of taking care of the piggies. But the thing is, I’m no longer a kid. Only kids beg for pets and then dump them when they’re no longer interested. What’s more, I did my research before I got the girls to make sure that I would be able to take care of them and keep them happy. So I took them home, and they just charmed everyone in the family with their cuteness. Now everyone loves them!

“Mommy, what are you looking at?”

“Mashed carrots? Let’s see if this is good…”

The first thing I did upon getting them was have them checked by a vet and it’s good that I did because I never knew how hard it is to look for a vet who is experienced in treating guinea pigs (at least here in the Philippines). Now, if my piggies do have health problems, I’d know where to go. We also learned that pet store cages are not really good for them. It’s too crowded and they can’t really play a lot in it, so we just made our own cage for them and they are definitely showing more of their personality inside a bigger cage. But of course, they still get their daily dose of cuddles from us.


They are slowly warming up to me so I hope to spend many happy years with them. Right now, seeing them popcorn with joy in their new environment is enough to make me smile and keep all the stress away. Everything’s so much better when you have pets in your life.


  1. Oh my goodness, soooo cute!! I love that they have so many colors and that they are so fluffy! Also, Freya and Ellie are two awesome names! I love the name Ellie and Freya (this is kind of weird to admit, haha) was the name for the princess in a novel that I wrote about a year ago, haha.

    “Everything’s so much better when you have pets in your life.” Truth, girl, TRUTH!

  2. Aww, they’re adorable! I’m glad everyone loves them 😀 That’s good that you found a vet that could look at them too. It was hard for us, as well, to find a vet that could look at turtles. It’s harder when it’s not a cat or dog! I agree that pets make life better!

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