Out-of-town trip with the Instax 210

I wasn’t able to blog about my newest gadget; but two months ago, I got myself an Instax Wide 210. For those who are updated about instant cameras, the Instax Wide is just a bigger version of the Instax Mini series, also manufactured by Fujifilm. I got the Instax Wide because of the larger photo size (the cameras of the Mini series only produce wallet-sized photos) but was disappointed at first because of the lack of accessories for it. Everyone was producing accessories for the cute Mini camera, but I found that the Wide is more useful and efficient during out-of-town trips, just like my long weekend in Baguio. It was so useful that I ditched taking digital photographs and opted for instant photographs instead!

The Instax Wide 210

I’ve been using the camera a lot since I got it but I really got to play with it while I was in Baguio. Vacations are the times when you want to take lots of pictures so I took this opportunity to get to know my camera more. Actually, you need to get used to the settings a bit since film cameras are really unpredictable. The good thing is that you get to see your shots right away and learn from each “bad” shot. 

These are some of the shots I took during my stay. I’m not a photographer so I’m not really looking for beautiful shots with great composition and all that, just shots that capture the moment and the things we went to. I originally wanted to show how vibrant and sharp Instax photos are, but scanning really ruins the photo quality. Oh well.

This is me waiting for dinner at the Baguio Country Club’s dining area! XD

Everyone loves fabrics from Baguio, and we got to see one of the workstations at the weaving center where the fabrics were made

My dad and his co-honorees at the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio. This would be a good shot if I had correctly estimated the framing of the picture. Poor person on the right didn’t fit in the photo 🙁

Here’s the morning fog enveloping the lower part of the city. I had to take a photo of the fog but I wasn’t able to get the settings right. But like I said, there are no “bad” photos since you learn from each film you use up!

My first successful indoor photo! *laugh here* This is a little corner in Hotel Elizabeth’s Bliss Cafe, and my, vegetarian cafes in Baguio look great and of course, the food is superb!

These are just a few photos and now that I’m looking at the little prints that I have with me, I feel happy that I bought this camera and I hope that I can get to use it in another trip soon. It’s such a joy seeing the image appear right before your eyes. Some photos may turn out really bad and this can frustrate you, but there were actually a lot of times that I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I’m loving this camera and I hope to make more memories with it 🙂


  1. I own a Mini 8 and I love it! Instant film photography can really be a challenge, so far I’ve wasted 2 films – it came out all black and I still have no idea why. :/
    Also what I love with instant photos is that when you take a picture, people gather and wait in excitement for the actual image to come out.

  2. So this is like the fourth blog post I’ve seen about this and I’ve finally looked up what is so awesome about the instax and now I really want one, haha. I feel like if I had one I would just have a whole wall that I would stick them up on and it would actually be really cute! All your pictures are lovely – even if you think some of them are “bad.” I’m not a photographer either, so they all look awesome to me! 😉

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