Is it a bad thing to be honest and true?

Do you know the feeling where the things you do are very different from what others are doing? But you know you’re doing the right thing, no matter how different you might be. Everyone tells you to throw away all your beliefs and convictions because it doesn’t pay to be honest. It doesn’t pay to be a good person.

How can you truly say that you have succeeded in school, or in life as a whole? Are your grades the only determinants of your worth as a person? I do admit that grades are everything. Grades will determine other people’s first impression of you. But is that all? Is getting a high grade reason enough to throw your values out the window?

I have been challenged countless times in my whole life as a student. I have been asked the same questions over and over again. And my answer has always been the same.

Perhaps no one will understand me, but I told them that although my grades are important to me, it is not my greatest concern. The most important thing for me is to know that I reached my position without ever cheating others or dragging other people down. I want to know that I am getting recognized because of my hard work, not because I cheated others or took credit for their work.

I seriously don’t care what others think of me regarding this matter, because at the end of the day, it will always be about me, my conscience, and my moral standards. I will never yield.


  1. I felt the same way too when I was in college, but I told myself that I earned my grade and skills, and that will show outside of school. People that cheat are missing out on learning important lessons, and it’ll come back to bite them in the ass. As for being honest and true, just do what you think is best so you will live without guilt and problems 🙂

  2. you’re right~ it’s not about the grades or any medals/plaques/certificate you’ve received, that success is when you yourself feel you’ve done great, surpass something difficult with your own or even being appreciated with the things you’ve done because of your skill 🙂

    Do your best! Fighting!

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