The importance of friends

I’m not the type of person who tells other people her concerns. I mean, I do share some things with other people, but I mostly share my joys and not my problems. It’s because I believe that I should find all the anwers and solutions on my own. Besides, the world doesn’t give a damn whether I’m sad or troubled, everyone goes on with their lives. So why should I bother them with my problems?

I’ve always thought that way… Until this term, that is.

As I was walking towards my seat one afternoon, the first thing my classmates asked me was, “Claudine, are you okay?”

Damn, until now, I still couldn’t explain how wonderful that feeling was. It was a simple question but it really struck me at that time. It felt really nice having friends who care about you that much. And for the first time in a long time, I just ranted and told them everything that was bothering me, and afterwards, we just found ourselves laughing at each other because we all had the same problems! It felt good being understood by other people. I think we’re really concerned for each other because we are going through the same things and these things are a lot easier to bear when friends help each other.

Some people told me once that you seldom meet great friends in college. I beg to disagree. This bunch I have is the best one so far, and my college life would have been really dark and depressing without them.

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  1. Your friends are great! I find that the older we get, the less friends who are concerned over our well-being and show concern. Glad that you have a bunch of such wonderful friends!

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