Would you believe that I just got introduced to the wonderful series that is How I Met Your Mother? Hahaha! My boyfriend is a BIG, BIG FAN of the show and since he always talks about it, I got curious too (well, I also wanted to be able to relate to his stories and references to certain characters and events). So during our term break, we celebrated our anniversary by having a marathon of the show. I really like it! I love the characters and Ted’s crazy attempts to look for a girlfriend are just too funny. Now I can’t wait to watch more of the show. Lots of people in school watch lots of TV series and now I know why HIMYM is one of the favorites here in campus. Lol!

Hey, I also learned how to swim during the term break! My boyfriend is a good swimmer and I, on the other hand, am scared of the water because I didn’t know how to swim. I never had plans to learn because I’m afraid of drowning. Haha, I think it’s also because my mom wouldn’t let me go to the deeper parts of the pool as a child even if the people around me were willing to teach me. My mom allowed me to come during that time though, as long as I was with somebody she trusted. But anyway, I never thought swimming could be so much fun! It feels great being in the water without fearing that you might drown or something. The next time my cousins invite me to a resort, I won’t refuse anymore. Yay!

Oh, I also had my graduation pictorial a week ago. Awesome, right? I know the pictorial’s too soon because my graduation is still next year but I’m really, really excited to graduate. Seeing my photos with the toga on just makes me think of a lot of things. Of course, the big world out there is really scary because I will finally have to fend for myself, especially with the intense competition that I’m sure to encounter during job-hunting. But with that in mind, I guess I should just enjoy the remaining times I’m going to have in school. I should grab every opportunity to grow and excel in whatever’s left for me to do. I could feel that this term is going to be tiring, but who says I’m going to give up? I’m still far from the finish line so I’ll just exert more effort no matter how difficult (wow, I sound like a very hardworking student. I’m not. HAHA!)

5 thoughts on “New discoveries + School blues

  1. Sakura says:

    Yeah. It is a good brand but not sure if it is a good company to work in.

    Wow. It’s so good that you can picked up swimming from your boyfriend.
    Congrats on your upcoming graduation! I still got 1 more semester left before my graduation and have already started job hunting. Have you started job hunting?

  2. Xian says:

    Harooo Claudine 🙂
    I know how i met your mother in ETC or star world but i haven’t watch any of the episodes but whenever I see the ads, they all look funny but it just don’t get my interest to watch XD lelz!

    My dad is a good swimmer too and he taught me when I was young 🙂 of course not a pro but now i can 😀 it’s fun to play in the water when you know you can swim 😀 lucky to have your boyfie 😀

    Oooh! Advance Congratulations!!! 😀

  3. Little Lady says:

    Hello! Sorry for the late drop by 🙂 I got curious with HIMYM too. But to this point I haven’t watched it! So outdated me, I had a Walking Dead marathon last looong weekend instead because I hadn’t watched it at all despite the number of posts and stuff about it. Congrats on graduating! Heehee. It’s one of the moments you won’t ever forget. And congrats on learning to swim too :> I envy you, no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to get a hang of swimming lol. Prolly because of my height XD

  4. Sakura says:

    I am also graduating next year! You are really fast to take your graduation pictorial. I will probably take it after I graduated, depending if I can find cheap deals… Haha. 😀

  5. Athena Jeunnesse Mae Tria says:

    wow. fave mo sis cookie monster, my daughter loves elmo hehe

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