A second chance… not

Okay, this post is a bit too late because the announcement already came last week, but Atlantis Productions (the company that produced the Manila run of The Little Mermaid) is holding another audition on Saturday, this time for season 2012’s Aladdin! Oh my! When I saw their announcement, I really couldn’t contain my excitement! Remember my blog entry where I said that I got sick the day before the auditions? Well, this time, I’m really well and I’m so excited to experience it! Besides, I already fit the age requirement! Apparently, Atlantis was originally planning to stage Shrek this year but moved it to 2013 because it was chosen to stage Aladdin for this season. So awesome, right? Now I wonder how they’re going to do all those carpet rides and magic stuff!

Anyway, back to the audition. So I was already searching for a good song and it’s nice that an acquaintance of mine would also go to the auditions, I would have someone to talk to while waiting and stuff. But then my parents didn’t allow me now that I am well. I don’t know why this is always happening to me. I’m so disappointed. I really, really want to experience these things and just hone my skills along the way but I guess that will never happen. My parents introduced me to theater and “encouraged” me to do my best in it but when I fell in love with it, it seemed like they’re taking my art away from me. It’s always like this. This happened too when I was still singing in the university chorale. They were so bent on taking that away from me, I don’t know why. But I quit the group to please them. I don’t even sing as much anymore. I don’t think I will again. It’s really a big deal for me because I grew up doing these things, but now it seems like I can’t do the things I love anymore. Oh well, why am I even hoping that I can still change their minds and let me perform? I’m bound to be a corporate kid, and while I have no problem with that, I wish I can pursue my first love as well.


  1. That’s a good news and a bad news at the same time.
    Why doesn’t your parents allow? What would their reason? I’m really wondering since they’re the ones who brought you up in this…. I hate it when people control those things i wanted to do, specially if it will not do harm at all~ >.<

    hope you could really perform! Aja!

  2. Have you talked to your parents about it? Tell them how much you really want to take part in theatre productions. They should be encouraging you, but maybe you should also try to find out why they seem to be taking it away from you?
    Also, I hope you can still audition for it. I heard The Little Mermaid was such a big hit. 🙂

  3. O.o auditions for Aladdin? I hope you can have a good experience there!

    That’s nice that you can wait with an acquaintance…I can imagine it getting very boring and tiresome to be waiting your turn at the auditions. I really hope your parents can understand your passion…maybe their are just afraid about your future like most parents are.

    I hope you and your parents can come to an understanding where they will let you pursue your dreams! Good luck 😀

  4. Hi~! Thanks for commenting on my blog 🙂

    At first, I thought this post was going to be happy, but then when I read that your parents aren’t going to allow you, I was sad D: I agree with Chiui and think you should talk to your parents. I’m kinda not understanding the whole “corporate kid,” but I assume it means your parents want you to work in a corporate job and not do anything that isn’t considered stable? I’m sure you can agree that you can both work and participate in a musical at the same time! They can’t expect you to work all the time and have no time to have fun :O Good luck! I hope everything works out for everyone 🙂

  5. Sometimes what you do in life is different from what you love. That’s kind of sad but I hope your life won’t end up this way. Go for the audition, persuade your parents that you want to do what you want. It’s your life after all. They can’t possibly control your whole life.

  6. OMG! I hope you can go for it, Just give it a shot. At least you’ve tried. Eventually your parents will understand it though.

  7. Sorry to hear about your parents not allowing you to go through those kinds of things. I don’t know, some parents are like that I guess? They have their “reasons” and it’s only after a few years or so that we realize what their real purpose it. Unfortunately, in my opinion it’s still best if they allowed you to give it a shot. I mean, what could go wrong, right? Sorry about that :\

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