I only have two days of classes this term and it’s cool, I get to sleep for soooo many hours. It feels so great! But sometimes it gets boring too. Sometimes it drives me crazy because I just sit or lie down and have nothing to do. Anyway, school’s fun so far. I really like my subjects and I really hope that I do well. I’ve made new friends too in one of my subjects. Having friends always helps and makes things easier in school. I would have people to talk to and laugh with during those crazy times. It’s always fun to have those moments.

I’m liking my Economics subject too. My professor is really good and I can feel that I’m going to learn a lot this term. I liked my first microeconomics subject but it is only now that I really got to appreciate economics to the fullest. My professor is just so good at explaining things and applying them to real-life situations. I got inspired to go to graduate school because of him and yes, I’m going to take up Master in Applied Economics, still at DLSU of course. My parents agreed so there! I’m so excited! I’m actually getting the hang of this business thing, and though I know that it will be difficult along the way, I know it’s going to be a great ride. The support I’m getting from everyone is overwhelming :”>

So there. Just a quick update before I go to bed. I have to pass a final outline for speech class on Friday and I don’t know how I’m going to do it! *facepalm*

4 thoughts on “Oh, school

  1. Leeza says:

    It’s good that you have all that extra support in school. Time flies by faster when you’re having fun, and friends are a good way to make a lecture seem less stressful sometimes. 🙂

  2. Sakura says:

    Wow. With only 2 days of school, you can actually take up a part time job to spend some of your rest days so that you won’t get too bored.

    Master in Applied Economics sound cool too. Which year are you currently at?

  3. Gel says:

    Good luck with masterals in the future! Here I am, already working and never had the chance to take up post-graduate studies. Kinda considering it but let’s see, siguro gimme one more year para 3 years experience na haha. At least you’re having fun in school and that’s always a good thing. Classmates have this way of being inspirations to get you out of bed and look forward to school. I’d have to agree with you on that one 😉

  4. Rhea Bue says:

    how I wish I had your schedule. hahaha.. 😀 I’d really prefer a long break from school because I got a lot of things and work to do with blog and in relation to my online life. o___O hahaha.. anyway, good luck with everything you do, dear! 🙂

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