Rock it

Wow, it’s almost a month since I last updated! I’ve been really busy with school stuff for the past few weeks. But it’s fine, I’m still enjoying the term. I’m done checking on my shifting application. I passed the shifting exam for Finance so I’m officially a Finance major now! *happy dance* It’s a bit weird though because enrollment is only a few days away and the professors I chose for the Finance courses are Accountancy graduates. Um, I’m scared. LOL they might ask me why I shifted XD

Oh, I am also attending Atlantis Productions’ open auditions! <3 My boyfriend told me about it last week and when I found out, I just couldn’t stop screaming! I mean, I once said that I wanted to have another try in this performing thing, right? I’m getting it now! I really, really love going to things like this. After all, I just want to try it. I mean, if I get in, that’s a huge bonus! I would get to experience theatre at a whole new level! But if not, it’s fine. At least I got to feel how it’s like standing there in front of everyone I admire. 🙂 I just hope I don’t mess up, though. I’m practicing hard now and I hope I do well on the 23rd! Oh, and I am still going to perform in my teacher’s concert on the 30th! Woah, lots of things coming up. This is going to be intense. I’m excited!

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