So far, so good

Life is going so well. It’s so awesome how I wish for something and it gets fulfilled after a few days. I blogged about wanting a second chance to perform in front of people and, well, here it is!

It was my last session with my voice coach last Saturday and he asked me if it would be okay for me to perform on November 30 for this fundraising concert. I said yes right away! I did not want to let the opportunity pass again! My coach gave me three(!) songs that he wanted me to perform and one of them, Defying Gravity, would be a duet with my chorale batchmate, who is also his student. It’s going to be tough but I am so excited! I just miss performing.

Oh, and speaking of performing, I have a new dream role: Natalie from Next to Normal. I watched the last show at the RCBC Plaza last Sunday and it was so spectacular that it made me cry. Seriously. I really like the songs and I love the role of Natalie. Bea Garcia, the actress who played Natalie in the Manila show, was so good! Oh my gosh, I swear, if I get to become even just half as good as she is, my life is complete. Seriously.

And what about school? Hmm, school is awesome! I am enjoying every single minute there. I love what I am learning and so far I am getting good grades in my subjects. I hope this keeps up until the end of the term so that I can raise my GPA up. Oh, I am also taking my shifting exam to Finance this Friday. I hope I make it!

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