I take voice lessons. After I quit chorale, I decided that I still want to learn how to sing because I never really had sufficient training in singing. I go every Wednesday or Saturday, according to my schedule. My parents were not supposed to allow me to take voice lessons because it’s hard to find a good teacher, it’s expensive, it’s far, etc. They always have reasons. Anyway, I found a way to solve that. A coach was interested in teaching me and offered me lessons. I paid using my own money. It was really hard at the start, but I feel that all the training that I’m getting is finally paying off… I think. I am more confident now in my singing and I’m now ready to try new things.

What new things? Well, my coach called me last Thursday and informed me that he is inviting me to perform in this Phantom of the Opera show or whatever. Anyway, he was asking if I was free because they wanted to hear me sing and if I get it, I would be able to start rehearsing immediately. I was so flattered that he really recommended me! I never even thought that he would think of me, and get this, I really was the first choice. It’s so amazing! I have been waiting for an opportunity to perform and sing in front of people again, and I really felt that it was the moment I have been waiting for.

But I said no.

I did not want to turn it down. I mean, I have always wanted to do that thing. But I wasn’t free at the time and I would also have classes during rehearsal hours. It’s just so sad. Even my parents were saying that it was a good opportunity and it was such a waste that I turned it down. They were actually telling me to take back my word and go for it. I was actually surprised with my parents’ reaction because they were never really supportive in my art. It must be such a big deal for them.

Oh well. Maybe next time. That is, if there is a next time. Lol.

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