Year 2, Term 2

So the second term started last week and I think it’s going to be a good one. I really like my professors and, well, I just realized that I have no accounting subject for this term! Yay! *happy dance* Well, I am not continuing my Accountancy degree. I am working on my application for shifting to Finance. Dad said I can shift to the Applied Economics + Finance degree and I am really tempted to shift to that since it looks like a really nice course, but that would take me a long time to graduate (minimum 5 years in school, yikes).

Anyway, my subjects are pretty interesting this term. I also like my schedule. On Mondays and Thursdays my first class starts at 11 AM. I always pick that time to start my day because it’s not too early. I live far from school and if my class starts at, let’s say, 8 AM, I have to wake up at 5 AM and leave at 6 if I don’t want to be late. That’s really hard. But this term, I have 8 AM classes on Tuesdays and Fridays because… well, I had no choice. Lol. My subjects are okay, though. I think I am going to be fine.

I can feel that my Marketing class is going to be weird, though! On the first day, my professor asked us to introduce ourselves but to make it a little bit challenging, she put in this “How do you want to be remembered?” question. Oh my. I don’t even remember what I answered, I think I also introduced myself as the frustrated/struggling artist (I don’t remember which one I used haha). A lot of my classmates described themselves as this and that, and my professor did not ask them to elaborate, so I figured that I would be okay and that no one will ask me to do whatever. But no, she asked me what kind of art I do and I said I like music and theater. Then she asked me what instrument I play. I said I play the guitar but I like singing more. And oh my goodness, she told me to sing in front of everyone. It did not help that we idolize the same singer. Not only that, we have the same favorite song! Soooo funny! So I sang in front of everyone and I don’t know what happened there, but she told me that I should prepare a song for next meeting. I thought she wasn’t serious because she looked like she was joking when she said that. But, well, she was serious. The next meeting, she asked me to sing again and she said that I should not refuse because it is my classmate’s birthday and… there.

So wait, I should prepare at least one song every meeting?

This term is going to be wicked.

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