I rarely write these days. Actually, since I entered college, I have not been writing as often as I intended. Even the diary I always kept with me was not even touched for, I think, a whole term (one term lasts for 14 weeks). I only touch it when I remember, but even then I could not chronicle every single moment in my life because I am so engrossed with too many things that I am forgetting my need for self-expression.

I also forgot blogging. I actually loved blogging. I constantly updated my old blog when I was a young girl. Even in high school, I always updated everyone on how I was doing, what I was thinking, and other things. It helped me cope with the daily pressures of growing up. But as my responsibilities increased, I soon found it to be kind of like a chore. Sometimes it was so hard for me because I still had to do a lot of things before I could post an entry. There were so many features. TOO MANY FEATURES. Now, I realized that blogging was a way of life for me back then because it was so simple to do. Everything was so easy to create. I realized that, once again, I needed a simple platform. Nothing complicated. Nothing bloated. Just pure typing.

And so I am back to the blogging world. Officially. I am so excited to post new things and share my life here!

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