I am so tired.

Every morning, I always wake up feeling tired. It’s so weird, waking up even after a long sleep and still feeling tired. I guess my sleep is just not enough anymore. Actually, it’s so difficult for me to get a decent sleep because I feel so overworked that I tend to dream of my homeworks and quizzes. YES, IT’S THAT EXTREME. And it doesn’t help that there are so many unpleasant things happening these days. AND I also remember a lot of bad things recently. The stress level is that high. I have so many things to do and I am scared about what tomorrow may bring. I hope everything, as in EVERYTHING, goes well.

The only thing that keeps me sane right now is the HUMALIT Dramafest. We’ll be having the dry run tomorrow. I’m so excited! I hope I get to perform well tomorrow. *sigh*

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