Awards night!

Last Tuesday was the awards night for the HUMALIT Dramafest. I thought it was going to be last week because that was what my professor said but we just voted for our choices at that time. But everyone was so excited to see who won because, I must say, everyone did a great job! So the nominees were announced and it was such a proud moment for me because a lot of my groupmates got nominated for different categories. And it was so funny because apparently some people nominated me for the Best Actress award! And I loved the video that my professor presented to the class when he announced my name! Everyone was laughing and I laughed too, even though I have been rehearsing that scene for how many times already. I know what my character is going to say next but that scene still makes me laugh! Anyway, I did not win the Best Actress award but my partner and I won in the Jury Award counterpart. It was still so surprising but it felt wonderful too, because my professor appreciated our efforts and took time to recognize our hard work. This encouraged me to continue pursuing this craft. I haven’t been acting for a long time and it just feels great to be back!

Thank you, groupmates. You made this term fun for me. You guys are the reason why I don’t want this to end yet. I just loved getting to know each and every one of you. I love our family. I will forever treasure all those moments we had and I am so happy that I got to know you. I am so proud of everyone! Congratulations to us!

And of course, thank you sir. I just knew something great was bound to happen when you announced this Dramafest. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to rediscover this craft if it weren’t for you. I did not know anyone at the start of the term but now, I have found nine fantastic friends, all because of HUMALIT. I’m going to miss everyone! “Thank you, thank you, thank you…” 🙂

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