So I have mentioned to you guys that my school, De La Salle University, is celebrating its centennial year. And I have also told you about how everyone prepared just for this celebration! Well, I have come to tell you guys about that day from the performers’/artists’ perspective. 😀 But before that, a little background: I am with the chorale and we were supposed to sing in the High Mass to start the celebration. Sir Jed Balsamo was the one who composed Ang Misa Ni Juan Bautista de La Salle (The Mass of St. John Baptist de La Salle) and he was the one who conducted it as well. The Manila Symphony Orchestra was there with us too. All of the songs in the mass were composed just for this event and we called the songs collectively as the “black book” =)))) We practiced these songs for a few weeks or months, but we practiced with Sir Jed and the soloists for a long time for the polishing.

Okay, so June 16, 2011!

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The High Mass was slated to start at 8:30 AM and we were at the loft by 7 AM. A lot of people came. At first it was just the De La Salle Brothers, but other La Salle alumni, who happen to be prominent personalities, came as well. I could not see the other guests because they were downstairs and it was hard for me to tell who they were. But I did see Mike Enriquez (TV news personality and a respected figure in media here in the Philippines) and if you were in that scene, you really would feel how proud DLSU is with their alumni. Anyway, the mass was led by Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales and it was only invitational, meaning, only selected people can go in. It was annoying though because they omitted Kyrie and Credo (our favorites) D: So the only “black book” songs we sang were Gloria, Sanctus et Benedictus, Notre Pere, and Agnus Dei. The other songs were not by Sir Jed anymore but he did orchestrate them. The Manila Symphony Orchestra was just great! I loved being with them, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would ever be able to perform with the MSO in such an event! The soloists were brilliant too, I loved how they rendered everything and the blending of their voices is just magical.

There were people from the school paper and the media too, and we saw Ate Saree, a former chorale member. She took pictures of us and we were so happy about that little reunion 🙂 There were cameras too and I heard that there were screens all over the campus showing peoples’ faces. Ohnoez. Did they see me? =))

But anyway, there. The mass was really long but it felt like it ended so soon. Practicing seemed to take forever but then the actual singing was just like a breeze, it feels like everything ended so soon D: Our last song was De La Salle’s Honneur A Toi (I never got the pronunciation right), and then everyone lined up for the veneration of the relic. Then, after that, President Noynoy Aquino came in! At first everyone was like, “What’s he doing here?” since he is an alumnus of the “rival” school :)) But anyway, he gave a speech about how he has witnessed the way La Salle and its graduates helped in nation-building, and how he acknowledges the strength and integrity of the De La Salle Brothers. As proof, he even brought all of his Cabinet members, most of whom happen to be La Sallians too!

After his speech, everyone sang the Alma Mater hymn and One La Salle Prayer (Live Jesus in our hearts foreveeeeer!). Then they finally announced the opening of the centennial celebration! Yay!

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After the mass, we got to have free lunch =)) The awesome part is I was with everyone, even Sir Jed! Everyone was just chatting and having a good time, as if no one was stressed out earlier that morning 🙂 I, Alexis, Diane, and Sarina finished early so we left early too. We should have waited for the opportunity to thank and congratulate everyone! D: Anyway, we left and there was a show outside too, this time by the De La Salle Innersoul (the pop group). I don’t know if they were with the dance group and the theatre group. But they were singing Kulay Lasalyano, so we could not help but sing and dance along with them! And in the middle of it all, we saw Ivan, a former chorale member! We exchanged a lot of stories and we were just so happy to see him! Since he wasn’t doing anything, we just dashed up to the room, changed clothes, and explored for a bit with him. I could not stand the heat though, and having LOTS of people around doesn’t help. The outsiders weren’t even in yet D: So because I could not stand all the walking and buying and squeezing myself between so many people, I just went up the room and experimented with makeup! Hahaha! I really, really suck at makeup and hair so I just took my time to play with them and see what effect I can get. I think it was worth it because it made me prepare faster this time 🙂 The call time for the next show was 4:30 PM but I was already okay by 3:30 PM, I think? Achievement! =)))) So we went to the auditorium for the sound checks and runs, and we saw lots of celebrities 😀 Some of them, I didn’t even know they were La Sallians! I loved it!

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I will add the Isang Daan, Sangandaan and the pyromusical show later because there are videos and photos of that one 🙂

Oh, and can I just say I already received my pay for performing for that day? So awesome! 🙂

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