So I told you guys about my rehearsals in my last blog entry. Well, I came to give you an update on the shows!

There were five shows and they were held every other day, one for each college (except for those with the slash, they were merged). The first was for the College of Computer Studies, then College of Business/School of Economics, College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts, and College of Education/College of Science. The one for the CLA was televised so it was naturally the most energetic of all the shows. The kids were really hyper too 😀 It was so fun! I loved dancing onstage! I think my hesitation to move was just the thing that was preventing me from giving everything I’ve got, but now I got the hang of it! It’s so awesome, I am rediscovering a former interest. <3 And, of course, singing. I loved singing for the incoming freshmen! They looked so interested and a friend of mine who served as LAmb (Lasallian Ambassador) for that event said that everyone was having LSS because of our song! Awesome! So that means we did a great job 🙂

What else happened this summer? Oh, of course, my summer class. Actually my class time is a bit weird and it coincides with the call time for the show’s sound check and runs. So I really had to get all the steps and sing everything right during the first practice because I wouldn’t be able to attend the next sound checks and rehearsals. I always had quizzes every other day, always had new lessons every single day… Well, I’m glad that I survived all those! We had our final exams yesterday and I am so happy because I got a grade of 2.5 (around 86%-90%) for the subject, and to think it is accounting! <3 I was just wishing for a 2.0 (83%) since it is the passing grade in school, but the professor gave me so much more! Getting a different grade would mean bye-bye accounting, and I don’t want that. Ahh! I love it! But I am never doing that again, though. Having a show and a class on the same day is so stressful and there will always come a time where you can’t decide on which one you have to focus on. But at least now I know, and at least I got a high grade! Yay!

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