Oh my gosh!

Wow, it’s been such a long time! Can’t believe this! How’s everyone? I missed sharing stuff with everyone. I never thought I would be gone this long. Anyway, I’m now here to update you guys. 🙂

Well, I have to say that the highlight of my week is that my dance rehearsal yesterday! And to those who were able to read my blog entries from three years ago, remember me telling you guys how much I hate dancing and how it is the reason why I don’t pass auditions for big musicals? Well, this time, I seriously enjoyed it! It’s weird, right? Even I can’t believe it! It’s like this. We have an orientation program for incoming freshmen every year. Usually, we all teach them the culture inside the university and stuff like that. They get to know the hymns, prayers, cheers… You get the idea. And after all those, they get to watch their seniors perform in a concert meant just for them. And since it is my school’s centennial year, the expectations are very high and everyone’s preparing big time! Yesterday, all of the cultural arts groups (theater, chorale, dance, orchestra, production, etc.) were called for a general rehearsal. They told us what would happen during the concert, and other important things. And then I was so surprised when the director said all of us would go all-around this time, meaning, the dancers will sing and the singers will dance too! Woah! I was a bit worried because I’m shy when it comes to dancing. But, well, I did it anyway. We were supposed to dance to three songs (you can listen to one of the songs here). My body still hurts because of the dancing, lol. I just gave my best. I still don’t consider myself a dancer but I have to say that felt so awesome! I guess it’s true that physical activity lifts your spirits up! I am looking forward to doing this again. I love being part of the Cultural Arts Organization! <3

So how about you guys? What’s up? I hope you’re enjoying your lives!

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