Now the real vacation really starts for me. The first week of my summer break was just a warm-up. This summer break is different for me because it is my first time to travel abroad, and I must say that I’m enjoying every moment here in California. It’s pretty cold but I’m getting used to it 🙂

Actually, I never thought that I would have this much fun in LA. I just didn’t know what to expect here though my dad told me a lot of stories about his experiences. But wow, I love it here! The people are so nice and our family friend’s place is like in the middle of all the great sights. And it’s so clean! Everything just feels so homey. Ooh, and I went to Disneyland 😀 I know that it’s a big place but I didn’t expect that a whole day wouldn’t be enough for me to explore everything! It’s okay though because we’re coming back in May to try everything. Lol, sorry if I sound very excited, I just like unleashing the kid in me. Haha. I also went to a lot of other great places but my dad said that to really appreciate California, a two-days stay is not enough. 🙁 Oh well, I’ll just visit the other places in May.

So, tomorrow I’ll be leaving for New Jersey. I miss my relatives. I’m excited to see them, especially my nephew. I hope he still remembers me.

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