How is everyone doing? I know all of us have been very busy for the past few months but I do hope everyone’s okay! We shouldn’t die from the intense stuff being thrown at us. Life is good, life is good. Well, it has been to me, I guess. All of the stuff I have worked for has paid off big time. I have been able to defend our thesis and it was a great feeling knowing how to answer all of the panelists’ questions! Actually, they didn’t ask much because they didn’t know what to ask us.

I only have a week to go and this is what I call the seniors’ survival week. If I get through this week without any problem, then I can say that I officially survived high school. It would be a great bonus if I pass all my subjects with flying colors, but I guess average grades would be okay as long as they are “okay” enough for me. I’m really nervous because after this I wouldn’t have a chance to redeem myself anymore. I must do everything I can to pass!

Last Tuesday was my sister’s recognition day at the University of the Philippines. She is just so smart and good in everything! I want to experience recognition days too when I get to college. That way, I can prove to myself that I can make my family proud during my stay in the university. Wow, drama. But seriously. I have already promised to myself that I’d do whatever it takes to excel in college. I already decided to go and apply for scholarships. Before, scholarships weren’t my thing just because a lot of people are applying for those things and I really didn’t consider myself as one of the qualified people in the batch. But who knows, I MIGHT get it and I MIGHT be able to maintain all my grades. I am already off to a good start because I was one of the top applicants in DLSU, so if I go and study there I might have an edge already.

*sigh* I’m having delusions again. Help me 😐

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